Tuesday, November 16, 2010

James Moores Men & Boys Wear.

James Moores
Men and Boys Wear.

Just the other side of The Bear Hotel from Nate Smith's Toy Shop was another shop that a great many boys went into for their school clothes. The store manager was a very kind man, a Mr. Bennett if my memory serves me correctly. Grey flannel shorts, blazer and school cap. Ties, knee socks, black shoes and Dunlop wellington boots. The final item was a dark blue gabardine rain coat.

The same shop also supplied all my fathers clothes, plus they also supplied all his white smocks and aprons for the butchers shop. Always a very busy place I remember, yet the staff always time to make sure that the customer was well looked after.

I am not sure how long the business was in existence, but I think it closed its doors at the end of the 1940's.

Even today the shop front has not changed at all, even though it has changed its custom.

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