Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nate Smith's Toy Shop.

Nate Smith Toys.
Nate Smith's toy shop was in its day Maidenhead's equivalent of Hamley's Toys of London. There was not a little boy living within 5 miles of Maidenhead that did not know Nate and his toy wonderland.
Mothers had to stop by at least in one direction or the other so their family could feast their eyes on what they wanted to save their pennies up for. For the boys it would be some Dinky Toy or piece of Mecanno that they wanted to add to their set.
He also kept a full range of Hornby Train Sets, both electric and clockwork models. You could also buy miniature model steam engines that you could use to run your Mecanno models. The fuel used was Methylated Spirit that you could buy from any chemist shop.
Another thing that he use to keep was a full line of fishing tackle, including bait like gentils (maggots) or loose uncooked hemp seed! Yes (cannabis) As a boy I often wondered why the old fishermen use to call it dope! We use to buy a half pound and take it home and boil it until the seed split, then it was ready for bait. Roach and Dace use to love it.
As I mentioned in the Guy Fawkes blog, Nate use to keep the best selection of Brocks Fireworks. Even to indoor party fireworks when it came around to Christmas time. The boys favourites were as I mentioned then was the 2d Cannon and the 1/2d Little Demon.
Of course to say those days are now long gone, and so is Nate Smith's.

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