Friday, November 5, 2010

The Snob's Last

The Snob's Last.
Going back a couple of centuries at least in the village that was once part of the boot and shoe industry of England among other things. I think that this cast iron last can still be found in the odd cottage. Most likely to be now relegated to the use of a door stop.

Though back in the 1930's I can remember these items were still in use in a lot of homes, where the family shoes were still repaired. One could buy the half leather soles or heels from Woolworth's in Maidenhead to fit your size of shoe or boot, together with the proper size snob's nails. Then you finish off the job on the edges with a rasp.

Or you could find them being used in a small workshop as a makeshift anvil. The Snob's Last I remember. had many uses. In true village tradition: "Necessity was the Mother of invention."

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