Sunday, February 22, 2009

One of the first Farm Tractors

The Internalional 10-20 Tractor.
The International 10-20 tractor was the first farm tractor to be used in the village of Cookham. It was purchased by the Astor estate for use on White Place Farm in the late 1920's to help cut down the use of horse teams for ploughing. Even then there was still three plough teams as well as several single horses for other work. I remember Ted Barrett was the champion ploughman at the Royal East Berks Agriculutural Show for a great many years. His certificates lined the walls of his cottage and matched pair of Belguim horses called Rodney and Colonel. George Parker who became the driver of the 10-20, could plough as much and sometimes more than the three horse teams in one day. This was the beginning of the end of horse power on the farms in the farming community.

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