Thursday, February 5, 2009

Who, I wonder remembers this tasty item.

Smith's Crisps with the blue twist salt wrap.

How many of my readers will remember going to a local pub on a summers evening and you sat outside with others drinking a glass of R.W. Whites lemonade and having a bag of Smith's Crisps to munch on, and the careful opening of the packet to hunt for the blue twist packet of salt. On the odd occasion there was no salt to be found as it had been missed at the factory. I remember also that they were shipped in square metal tins to keep them fresh, with 24 packets to a tin.

Pubs were not the only place you buy them as, Mrs. Vale, Annie Slack, Budgens, The International and the Off License did. There was something about the flavour of Smith's Crisp that no crisp company comes close too today, except maybe "Pringle's."

The R.H. White bottling plant if my memory serves me correct was on the Slough Trading Estate. They also bottled Corona soft drinks under license and "Tizer the Appitizer."

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