Thursday, February 5, 2009

A one time Cookham challenge.

The Yard of Ale Challenge.
There was a time when Cookham supported 13 pubs and 1 Off License, and the challenge to drink a "Yard" of ale was a sport among the young. Mind you they were not driving cars as the mode of transport was a bicycle or to walk in those days.
To drink a yard of ale (2 imperial pints) was no easy task and would take many tries to complete. Then the more adventurous would try and beat the clock. This would end up in most cases with the ale ending up over the contestant than in them.
The glass yard glasses are now quite rare and are classed as a valuable antiques. If you find one it will be on display and not for use. There are still some areas in Britain where the contest is still carried out, but now they use plastic glasses holding the same measure of two imperial pints.

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