Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Coventry Climax "Godiva" Trailer Pump.

The Coventry Climax Pump,
known as "Godiva."
The Coventry Climax "Godiva" firefighting trailer pump, was a great asset to Fire Brigade's during the Second World War and Blitz on many of Britain's largest cities. The village was assigned two of these units, together with two portable canvas water dams. They could be towed behind any suitable car or lorry fitted with a hitch, and several such vehicles were so fitted out so that they could be called upon in an emergency to tow the pumps.
After the war, market gardeners and farmers snapped up these trailer pumps for irrigation purposes. Emmett's of Little Marlow, and H&C Rochford of West Town Farm Taplow, were two such farms to make good use of these pumps for irrigation of their crops during dry periods.

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