Monday, August 31, 2009

Various features of Widbrook Common.

Features of Widbrook Common.
The picture is of the road as it passes through Widbrook Common. The following numbering is to denote certain items of interest to the reader.

#1. Is the position of a kissing gate with a footpath that leads across the Common to the south west corner and onto Maidenhead.

#2. Is the site of a five bar gate and holding pen, which was used for the reception of cattle and horses for marking purposes on 14 th of May or " Widbrook Fair Day."

#3. & #4. Both of these are five bar gates, to give access to cattle, and the Hayward's pony and trap.

#5. It was a combination of a five bar gate and kissing gate, both to give access to Widbrook Cottage, for both vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

#6. This small layby was used by the road serfacing workmen to park their travelling van, tarpot and steamroller.

#7. This whole area was used for stockpiling road gravel and sand, for use in the resurfacing of the road.

#8. & 9. This water meadow pasture area was rented out to Sheephouse Farm in Maidenhead Court for night grazing of their dairy herd during the Common rental season of May to October.

#10. This marks the site of a Winter Pond, which when frozen solid, was used by many local residents for skating at the weekends.

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