Monday, August 3, 2009

Sir Roger's motive power explained.

The same engine before restoration.
This photo was taken prior to the engine being removed and completely overhauled. As the photo below shows the engine reinstalled, but with some parts still to be replaced.

A partial rebuild.

The interesting feature of the Dennis 'N' Type Fire engine, is the engine itself. The bore /stroke was 115X150 millimeters, compared with the earlier models: FA1075, with a bore/stroke of 127X180 millimeters and the ED810 with a bore/stroke of 127X130 millimeters. This engine was much smoother running than the FA1075. It also had an improved and much lighter clutch, which made it much easier to drive. The ignition was by magneto only, without a trembler coil to assist in the starting, which of course was by hand crank only. The electrical system on the fire engine was was enhanced by a small dynamo driven by a twisted flat belt off the crankshaft pulley.

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