Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fire Women Members at Cookham

Women Members of the Brigade.
During the Second World War, and by March 1943, there were 32,000 women serving full-time with the National Fire service, which had been created due to the amalgamation of the auxiliaries fired service and the regular Fire Brigade as a result of lessons learned from the blitz of 1940.

An additional 54,600 women served in a part-time capacity with the National Fire service. They provided important backup to their male colleagues. Two of these Fire women were members of Cookham Fire Brigade, they were the sisters Jesse and Joan Tubb, and the daughters of the village constable Joe Tubb. Their duties were mainly administrative and to answer the telephone during the day and evening and were a great help to the Cookham Fire Brigade.
The picture above is a model, wearing the wartime uniform that the women had to wear while serving and on duty with the National Fire Service.

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