Saturday, July 13, 2013

Meet the Hedgehog.

Meet the Hedgehog.
Taking note of a request from Dr. Phil Baker and Mr. Ben Williams of Reading University in I thought it would be a good idea to follow up with to my previous blog on the White Place Farm Hedger Neddy James with the Hedgehog that use to frequent the local hedgerows and gardens. Being a nocturnal feeder one did not see a lot of them during the day. Their primary food source was slugs and worms, but they also could climb in the hedgerows for birds eggs or fledglings in the nesting season. With the introduction to the farming community, of large tractors and combine harvesters a great many hedgerows were torn out to suit economic farming practice. This over a few years has caused the reduction of a lot of country wild life including the hedgehog. So if you find a hedgehog dead or alive take a photo of it with your camera or cell phone and pin point the location so that it can be logged for research purposes by Reading University.

To get a larger look at old 'Hotchi.' The Romany word for Hedgehog, just click on the photo.

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