Monday, July 8, 2013

The Riphook used to trim hedgerows.

The Riphook, used to trim hedgerows.
Birdman mentioned about hedging being performed at the wrong time of the year. Well this is true as farmers and estate owners use to do this over the winter months. I can remember at White Place Farm that this practice would start after the harvest was finished. It proved to be a winter long job for old Neddy James. His only tools were a Riphook as seen in the photo above and a cut hazelnut stick,  cut so that at one end was a hook. The last tool was a dung fork to clear up the cuttings ready to burn them. Sometimes he was required to  lay a  hedge at which he was a master craftsman. Then he would change his cutting tool to a Bilhook, which was also used for hurdle making. Neddy’s joy in life was his clay pipe and a ounce block of rubbing tobacco. Plus his walk to the Royal Exchange for a pint on a Friday evening. His spring, summer enjoyment when not helping with the hay making and harvest, was his kitchen garden, growing prize vegetables.

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