Saturday, July 20, 2013

The old Greenhouse Tomato.

The old Greenhouse Tomato.
We now travel back to when first started school at Holy Trinity and met up with one Gerald Effamy whose father was gardener at White Lodge in Maidenhead Court. Our parents became good friends and we use to see quite a lot of each other, both in and out of school. One thing that I remember quite well was the large greenhouses similar to the one in the photo above with cold frames in front and a small coal fired boiler house to keep the greenhouse frost free during the winter months. There were peach trees trained against the wall. And during the spring and summer months there were tomato and cucumber vines trained up inside the sloping glass. The fragrant smell one got as you entered the greenhouse is something that I always remember. After leaving school Gerald followed his father into the gardening world and a well-known member of the Royal Horticultural Society. The last I heard of Gerald, he is now retired and living in Cobham.

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