Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The China Station Part One.

After Capture, Taku, North Fort, China.
When young Seymour joined his uncle’s flagship HMS Calcutta, he was still a Midshipman in 1855. It is interesting to know that Royal Navy Warship guns were muzzle loading until 1889 when the first breach loading guns were introduced along with the building of the first Dreadnought class of battleship.

Ahead of this had come the gradual change from sail to steam power with what seems to be no planned idea of ship design, hence there were quite a few costly changes along the way as change in propulsion was constantly re-designed.

Calcutta was however a pure sail. He was promoted to Sub Lieutenant on the 4th of May 1859 at the age of nineteen, and that of a full Lieutenant on the 11th of February the following year. He took part in the capture of
Canton (December 1857). In HMS Chesapeake, Lt. Seymour took part in the attack on the Taku forts in September 1860.

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