Saturday, May 16, 2009

A True Village Craftsman

A Tom Emmett Work of Art.
Here in School Lane can be seen a very good example of the skill and craftsmanship of the village blacksmith Tom Emmett. From a pencil sketch and diamentions required Tom would layout the pattern of the gate with chalk on the wood floor of the forge. Remember that this man did not have an oxy-acetylene cutting equipment. To cut his iron stock, he would heat it to white hot and then cut it with a hammer and chizel. To weld iron, he would heat the two pieces to be joined to white heat and then beat them together. Some joints he would punch holes in and then rivet together using his own hand made rivets. Then some joints were finished off with a hand made iron clasp wrapped around the joint.

His main hand tools were a selection of hammers, chizels and punches. Several tongs with different shaped claws and a good forge fire. Shaping was carried out by using various parts of the anvil.

Just take a good look at the intricate scroll work at the top of this Tom Emmett gate. All hand fashioned in the village by this wizard of the hammer and anvil. Oh yes! he made the hinges and gate fasteners as well.


thankevans said...

Hi, just thought you'd like to know that I have what appears to be an etching called The Village Blacksmith by Lucretia Johnson and shows Tom Emmett at work in the forge. It must be Tom because above the window is a sign T EMMETT

Historical Cookham said...

Thanks to Thankevans:

If you would like to forward me a copy of that sketch of Tom at work I would like to put in the blog as part of village history.


James Hatch