Friday, May 22, 2009

The Reverend Richard Seymour

Revd. Richard Seymour.
The Reverend Richard Seymour, Sir Edward's father also came from a naval family. His father was Rear Admiral Sir Michael Seymour, also his brother Sir Michael Seymour became heir to the title and also to the rank of Admiral.
It was not unusual in those days that in a wealthy family at least one son would become a serving member of the Church of England, and so he became Vicar of Great Alne and Kinwarton in Warwickshire from 1834 - 1876.
This of course is where young Edward Hobart Seymour was born.

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smithandgosling said...


I have been conducting research of the parents of Edward Hobart Seymour and am just thrilled to see this post on Richard!

Have you seen the book in which extracts of Richard's diaries are published? Hart & Carpenter (eds.), The Nineteenth Century Country Parson has a lengthy chapter on the family, the parish of Kinwarton, etc etc.all culled from the diaries. Very helpful.

Also, Edward Hobart Seymour's biography, My Naval Career and Travels is available online at both AND -- these are full text! Great photograph of a YOUNG Edward, or 'Ned' as he was called within the family.

My research is mainly on Fanny Smith and Richard Seymour, but I invite you (and your readers) to visit my blog: - I have written a couple of articles on young Fanny, one of which is posted there (see under 'author').

Kelly M.