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The Seymour Saga

Admiral of the Fleet
Rt Hon Sir Edward Hobart Seymour.
This is the story of of not only a famous man in British Naval History, but of a man and his sister that chose to make the Parish of Cookham his home in his retirement years. Here below is a thumbnail sketch of his life.
Admiral of the Fleet
The Right Honourable Sir Edward Hobart SeymourG.C.B., O.M., G.C.V.O., LL.D

Personal Details:

Date of Birth, 30 April 1840.

Place of Birth, Kinwarton, Warwickshire.

Father's Name, Rev. Richard Seymour.

Mother's Name, Frances (nee) Smith.

Date of Marriage, Bachelor.

Place of Marriage, N/A.

Date Retired, 30 April 1910.

Date of Death, 02 March 1929.

Place of Burial, Cookham, Berkshire.

Rank History:

Naval Cadet, 30 April 1852.

Sub-Lieutenant, 04 May 1859.
Lieutenant, 11 February 1860.
Commander, 05 March 1866.
Captain, 13 February 1873.
Rear-Admiral, 14 July 1889.
Vice-Admiral, 09 November 1895.
Admiral, 24 May 1901.

Admiral of the Fleet, 20 February 1905.
With grateful thanks to the information supplied from Royal Navy Records and the HMS Hood Association.

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