Thursday, May 7, 2009

East Flint in Cookham High Street.

East Flint the Walker Home.
The Frederick Walker home of East Flint still stands today next to what is known as Barnside Motors. In the picture one can see part of the barn which was part of Oveys Farm. The farm ceased operating as such on the death of my Grandfather in 1915 and was sold, with my Grandmother moving to Wisteria Cottage at the top of the High Street. The barn and outbuildings on the west side of the property were bought and turned into a garage by a Mr. Remmington, who also lived in East Flint. The house just to the west of East Flint was in the 1920-30's a small tobacconist and barber shop run by a Mr. Loveridge and his daughter Annie. Mr. Loveridge, like many characters in the village had a nick-name. in his case it was that of "Tiddlywink."

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