Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back in his Tree Cottage Studio.

Self Portrait at Tree Cottage.
Gilbert Spencer loved to work in his garden studio at Upper Basildon from articles that have been written about him from various sources. I think that most artists try at least once to paint a self portrait during their life time. In this case he did paint two that I know of, but this one at Tree Cottage is a more mature and finished canvas.

The Village Allotments.

There is no known location for the painting of the Village Allotments, they could be anywhere or like his painting of a Cotswold Farmyard, be completed from a series of sketches and completed at his garden studio.

This wraps up what I have on an artist that had to live under the shadow of a famous brother. Still his work and output was not wanting, and I am sure that those who studied under his teaching, received great benefit and knowledge.

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