Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stadhamton Mill in South Oxfordshire.

Stadhamton Mill 1934-36.
He executed the wall-paintings of the Foundation Legend of Balliol College for Holywell Manor, Oxford in the period 1934-36. Sometime during that period he did the painting above of Stadhamton Mill, in South Oxfordshire.

L ooking over to the Vale at
Compton Abbas.
Again we swing back down to Dorset and the little place of Compton Abbas, close by to the famous beacon and the edge of the Blackmore Vale. Again you can see why Gilbert Spencer was so taken by this area, see the historical reference below:
The year that saw the birth of this village was a year of war for Alfred, but, between nine battles with the Danes, he founded an Abbey at Shaftesbury and made his daughter Abbess. The Abbey was endowed with the rich land around and, at the foot of Melbury Hill, now lies the village we know as Compton Abbas. A place of peace was born in a year of turmoil. The Saxons called it Cumb-Tun (a village in a narrow valley). In the 13th century it became Cumton Abbatisse.

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