Monday, July 6, 2009

The Village from the Moor circa 1920.

The Village from The Moor.
This painting of Gilbert Spencer is down in the collection as “Fearnlea.” This of course is not correct as it depicts the village from the moor, close to the pond that feeds under the road into “The Fleet” and on to Strand water and the Widbrook Stream. My guess it was painted in the 1919-20 period.
It captures two things. One, The Crown Hotel with the Union Jack flying, this of course was before it was destroyed by fire.
Second, the row of posts denoting the raised driveway to the small holding in Marsh Meadow, that was run at one time by Jim Honour, who also had more ground by Lower Road in the Rise.


bellbottomsue said...

Jim Honour (actually Herbert Benjamin Honour) was my grandfather. I have the accounts book he kept when he did his rounds in Cookham,selling the milk from his dairy herd.
I also have photographs of him when with his horse and cart, he won the silver cup for first prize in the 1935 Jubilee Procession.

Historical Cookham said...

Thank you Sue:

I remember that parade very well. If you would like to e-mail me a copy of that photo with a little story I would love to include that in the blog as part bof village history.


James Hatch