Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Pencil on Paper.

Pencil on Paper Sketches.
While Gilbert Spencer was working in and around Oxford on various commissions, he did produce quite a few pencil and paper sketches in preparation for a particular work or mural, as in the case of the one at Holywell Manor.

The pair above I believe to be of two Oxford Don’s of that time, but I can’t be sure of their names.

Tolpuddle Martyrs.
Another sketch around the same time is his thoughts on the “The Tolpuddle Martyrs.”
“The Tolpuddle Martyrs,” were a group of 19th century British labourers who were arrested for and convicted of swearing a secret oath as members of the Friendly Society of Agricultural Labourers. The rules of the society show it was clearly structured as a friendly society and operated as a trade-specific benefit society. But at the time, friendly societies had strong elements of what we now consider to be the predominant role of trade unions. The Tolpuddle Martyrs were subsequently sentenced to transportation to Australia.

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