Monday, June 13, 2011

Do you Remember?

Outside The Jolly Farmer.
With many grateful thanks to Dennis Adams who use to run the Carmonta Stores after Ken Deadman gave up the Bakery. Ken is a very keen amateur photographer and now retired and living in Devon.

The photo above is of a young boy standing outside The Jolly Farmer, dressed in a school cap and gaberdine raincoat. Judging by the dress I would say that he could now have a pint in The Jolly and have a growing family of his own.

The Tractor Driver.
The tractor driver according to Dennis use to drop by for Ken Deadman's doughnuts, which he continued make along with bread for Dennis to sell in the store. So does anyone remember him. Most likely he was working for Copas. The tractor by the way was a Fordson Dexta. This is the one that Harry Ferguson and Ford had dispute over patent right. Harry Ferguson won his case.

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