Sunday, June 19, 2011

Take Courage at The Jolly Farmer.

Courage at The Jolly.
Once again we return to the famous local pub of all that live in Cookham Dean. It has always pulled regular customers from far away as well for those that enjoy a well pulled pint.

This photo as with many others that I am using now are the handywork of Dennis Adams who use to run the General Store at Carmonta.  In the photo seen here below:

The lady on horseback happens to be the daughter of the landlord according to Dennis, but he could not remember her name. It looks as if she is waiting to be handed a stirrup cup by her riding companion who looks as if he has nipped in for a quick pint! Anyway maybe someone will remember the ladies name.

No one at present has come up with the name of the young lad waiting outside the door. 

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