Thursday, June 9, 2011

The House That Leans.

The House That Leans.
The history of the village of Cookham has always been of interest to me, not only from the longevity of the Hatch family in the village, but also from the preservation of its character and buildings.

Above is a sketch of which the title I am told is just called “A Cottage in Cookham.” From the style of architecture I think I can safely say it was built in the middle 1700’s. The building is of the same style that was used in the building of tithe barns, with exterior beam work showing.

So with the aid of a very good friend in the village a search for this building took place, finally we agreed that the sketch above is this building below. It is dated by the way 1833.

Now this building on the corner of School Lane and the drive to Moor Hall fits the bill. The gate and side gate in the drawing lead me to thinking that the Moor, which is common land, was like Widbrook Common gated at both ends. This was of course to stop animals from straying from the pasture. Remember also the Fleet Bridge and the Causeway did not exist either, most likely there was a water splash crossing close to where the car park is today.

You can see now why my interest in the village exists, not only for the history, but also for its preservation of it being once a Royal Manor.

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