Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The way to get to your favourite pub.

Transport to "The Jolly."

Once again with the help of Dennis Adams and his photographic skill I have been able to go in and pick out certain items of interest and enlarge them.

In this case it was a bicycle leaning against a tree outside The Jolly Farmer. Now that takes me back to when most locals walked to their local or use to arrive on a bicycle.

One such local gentleman was "Teddy Wakelin." Teddy was a small time builder and craftsman. From bricklaying to carpentry, a lot of the houses in the village have additions that bare his mark today and will still stand the test of time. Today,Wakelin Close carries his memory in Cookham Rise.

He was a man who loved his beer. He could down eight pints of Bitter and still ride his bike as they use to say, "As straight as a gun barrel." Quite often on a Sunday while waiting for The Royal Exchange to open, he would ride to the Toll Bridge to have a chat with the toll keeper Mr. Wheeler.

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