Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cookham Dean Women's Institute.

Cookham Dean Woman's
Institute Building.
Once again I am going back into the history of buildings in the three Cookham's. In this case as it is one of the buildings mentioned in my History Quiz. As you look at it today, it looks as if it has been there forever. This is not the case as it was originally erected date not known, most likely in the 1920's at the top of Kennel Lane, just before the downward slope going towards Whyteladyes on the right hand side of the gravel track as it was then. At that time it had a corrugated iron roof. The interior was finished in a beautiful tongue and groove vertical pine paneling. The entrance is still the same and at the opposite end of the building was a small stage.

So in my estimate the building is very close to 85-90 years old and seems that with loving care and attention has weathered the years very well.