Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mrs. Cheeseman & Hall's Corner.

Mrs. Cheeseman's Orchard
and Hall's Corner.
The story of Hall's Corner and the Orchard exists long before Mrs. Cheeseman came on the scene in Cookham. The orchard was in producing use during the time that the Darby family were living at Moor Hall. As records show that my grandfathers brother Alfred while living at Eastgate at the top of the village rented the orchard from the Darby's before he moved into the house of Hall's Corner at a later date. Until the orchard was torn up to make room for the school exspansion and more housing, it had been in existance for well over a hundred years. Beside having a good cross selection of fruit trees, there were mature walnut trees close to the boarder line and Black Butts.
The"A" indicates what was the Holy Trinity School property. "B" is the location of Hall's Corner. "C" Is The Old Ship. This is give you the extent of the orchard itself.

Hall's Corner as it is today.

The house itself was of a very unique finish to the construction as the top half was finished off with a decorative tile in natural colour. Most likely produced at one of the local brick works that were in existance at the time.

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