Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mr. William Spencer of Ship Orchard.

W. Spencer of Ship Orchard.
From this Google view location there use to be a gravel driveway with two wooden gates. It was the home of a retired schoolmaster Mr. William Spencer. Who lived there in retirement with his daughter Amy Hagerty Spencer. I have no photos of either of them as they were very quiet people and kept themselves to themselves. I think they did not associate with the other famous family in the village with the same surname.
I can only describe William Spencer as a man who dressed even in the 1930's as if he were still in the late Victorian, early Edwardian era. He was always dressed in a grey frock coat with homburg hat to match, grey gloves and a cane with a silver knobed handle. He always wore spats over his shoes. He was tall and slim and a very good bearing. He had grey hair and wore a fine straight waxed moustache.
In fact every time I see David Suchet as Hercule Poirot on the telvision, although a much smaller build, it recalls Mr. William Spencer to mind and his afternoon walk along Sutton Road to stand for awhile looking into the stream from Widbrook Bridge.
His daughter Amy was a fine but unrcognised artist in her own right, and her painting of Bel and the Dragon sign, hung outside the hotel for many years. Now I am told it is missing. It is a shame when people take valuable history out of the village.


Teri Pettit said...

Amy Hagerty Spencer was my boyfriend's great aunt. He has several pictures she painted, including an oil painting of Ship Orchard and a watercolor of Cookham Bridge. His brother also has some of them. (They were the only grandchildren of Bernard Smithers and Kitty Spencer, who used to own Quinneys.)

Do you still live in Cookham? He might enjoy reminiscing with you.

stuart epps said...

I have photos of Amy that I took when I went to visit
Her when I was at the mill studios many years ago . I spent many hours with her looking at her great paintings

Francesca Bennett said...

My wife has a letter from Amy to a Mrs Parsons dated ' xmas 54 ' sent from Ship Orchard.Tells of trying to paint a kitten!
Michael Bennett.