Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mrs. Plumridge's Nursery School.

Mrs. Plumridge's
Nursery School in School Lane.

Yes! This is the answer to my quiz question. The house is right across the lane from Holy Trinity Primary School. In the photograh that Google Street View provided me with, you can see what is now a garage. It was here that Mrs. Plumridge held her nursery class in a large glass windowed garden room. It was a fee paying school and the children were with her until they were old enough to move to a school like Herries in the Dean.
She had a daughter Ann, who was quite an artist, and fun to be with when playing field hockey, or tennis. Also a great organizer of the local Young Conservatives.
I am quite sure the present owner of the house is quite aware of its past history.
The head teacher at the Holy Trinity School at that time was Mrs. Adams.