Sunday, April 25, 2010

Two more Quiz clues.

Moor Hall Entrance in the 1940's.
During the second world war, not only was it the wartime headquarters of the J. Arthur Rank and Odeon Cinemas Wardour Street operation, it became a social hub of village life thanks to the tireless efforts of the Manageress of the Moor Hall operation, Miss Freda Salberg (affectionately known as: 'Sally.' All of these social activities took place in the very large dinning hall. She managed to attract stars of stage, screen and radio. Including big bands that would normally be heard at the Savoy or Ritz in London. Also there was a weekly activity that she ran for the village and Rank staff that was in aid of the National Savings. It is this activity that I am looking for in the quiz.

The Workingman's Club.

The Cookham Workingman's Club, now known as the Cookham Social Club was the third building that was used on a weekly basis for this social activity. The photo of the building was taken in either 1957 or 1958. According to the published history on this building that ladies were excluded from this building . In this instance I beg to make a correction to that fact, although ladies were not allowed in the downstairs bar area, they were permitted to use the upstairs room during the 1940's. How do I know, I was there!
Know you know that in this activity both men and women took part. It was also promoting the National Savings drive.

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