Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Historical Kings Arms Hotel.

The Missing Kings Arms Sign.
This subject was on my list to bring up in due course as it was in the middle to late 1800's a hotel that was run by my Great, Great Grandfather James Hatch, who I was christened after. It has been a long tradition in England to have Inn signs that had something to do with the village or area. In this case being that the village was once a Royal Manor.

In the picture here seen above shows workmen re-installing the sign, which for sometime has been reduced to just the crest of 1801. It was at this time that Ireland became part of the United Kingdom during the reign of George IV.

In this photo above which it is estimated was taken during the 1880's. This sign is in a different place, a few yards to the left of the main entrance, with close examination that particular sign was the full Royal Coat of Arms of George IV.

Here below is an example of what was painted on that sign, which includes the Lion and Unicorn Rampant and that of the Most Noble Order of the Garter and the two inscriptions.

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