Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cookham Police Station.

Cookham Police Station.
There was a time when the law of the land was administered right here in the village. Not only did it house the Sergeant and his growing family, two Police Constables as well. A third constable had a home up on Whyteladyes Lane. All of them including the Sergeant covered the whole of Cookham on bicycles. Not only did they know every family on their patch, especially the boys. There they would admonish in their own way, but if it was a little more serious than scrumping apples or plums, the culprit knew that his father would get to hear of it in due course, usually over a pint of beer or in the local allotments. You see they were also very keen gardeners. Whether they were on patrol or going to a fire, they always travelled at the same sedate speed. During the 1939-45 war they did have local assistance from Special Constables who walked various areas of the village, mostly at night. Every time I watch the TV serial “Heartbeat.” It reminds me so much of the police life in Cookham. Oh yes! We did have our Claude Greengrass’s, who I will not name, though most of them will have passed on by now. Gone are the Easton’s, Tocock’s, Hollumby’s and Tubb’s. Though some of their descendants still live in the village.

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darren reid said...

I used to live in that house my father was the local policeman