Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Good Old Bacon Slicer.

The Bacon Slicer.
There was a time in Cookham when you could go to your local grocer, either Budgen’s, or the International Stores in the high street and buy your bacon sliced to the thickness that you required. Ah yes! The fragrant smell that arose from the bacon as it was being sliced, something that nowadays one does not get with prepackaged bacon.

Most of the bacon found in the south of England came from Harris bacon factory in Calne, Wiltshire. Though there was a smaller bacon factory that started up in Reading. Most grocery stores in those days had a small delicatessen section. Where you could buy your cheese, bacon, ham, eggs and pork pies. Of course the pork pies came from that Harris bacon factory as well.

Even my father in his butcher's shop in Maidenhead high street, had his own bacon slicer for slicing up his home-made ox tongue, which was a great favourite among his customers. All his equipment used in the shop was made by a company called “Hobart.” This included his mincing machine and sausage maker. The cleaning of which was done on a daily basis after use Using a very strong caustic solution in the process of washing up.

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