Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dean Luxury Coaches.

Dean Luxury Coaches.

It was in the early 1920’s after the First World War, that country folk got the urge to have a day by the sea. That was when Dean Luxury Coaches was born. I can remember them in their dark royal blue livery in the mid 1930’s. When in 1937 the pupils of Holy Trinity School had the chance to have a day by the seaside at Brighton.

The cost to each student was 3/6. Yes three shillings and six pence. I remember I was given a shilling by my father to bring back a stick of Brighton Rock, also a request from my aunt Amy Field to bring her back some seaweed that she could hang by the kitchen door at Widbrook to serve as a barometer.

We all took a sandwich lunch with us, but were treated to a fish and chip high tea before we left for home. I also remember that our head mistress at that time was Mrs. Adams, who suffered, when a gust of wind came up, blowing a ladder on her head. I remember her face was black and blue for quite a while after.

Shortly after the Second War had ended the Dean Coaches were taken over by Windsorian Coaches. Even they I believe have now gone.

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