Saturday, May 28, 2011

Three of Chips & Six of Fish.

Three of Chips & Six of Fish.
The subject of having a Fish & Chip outlet in Cookham has been raised recently. Now it could be in the form of a fixed location or a mobile one, serving different housing estates on different days of the week.

I can remember after coming out of the Rialto cinema and before catching the number 20 Thames Valley back to Cookham, walking back to the Colonnade and just opposite where Nate Smiths shop use to be. One could buy six of fish and three of chips wrapped in newspaper from a small portable stall. Also there was a large saltshaker and a vinegar bottle for you to use.

The term six and three off, referred to six pennyworth of fish and three pennyworth of chips. That amount may seem very small to some people today but in those days it was a good-sized meal for any man.

Someone will most likely say where are the Mushy Peas? That dish along with Chips and Gravy were found more often in the Midlands and North of England.

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