Monday, May 23, 2011

The Wire Cheese Cutter.

The Wire Cheese Cutter.
Going back over my memory bank and thinking back to when the village was very self supporting in many ways and served very well by the two very good grocery stores of The International and Budgens. I remember very well how Budgens assistant manager Mont Lacey use to cut and serve cheese from the wheel of cheese as it use to arrive in the store. Using a prepared beech cutting board and a fine wire cutter.

By eye he could cut cheese by size and weight to the customers request. Most people asked that the rind be left on, as they use to like it to use as bait in mouse and rattraps. Yes in those days there was no such person as a Rodent & Pest Control Officer. If you had pests, then you use to deal with them yourself.

Around that time cream processed cheese was being introduced for those who wanted something fancy, but still most people were set in their taste and ways for good English hard cheese.

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