Thursday, May 19, 2011

Loose Biscuits in a Tin.

The Store Biscuit Tin.
This photo of an old Huntley & Palmer biscuit tin triggered some very happy memories of going into Budgens grocery store in the high street right after school and asking if they had any broken biscuits for sale. For tuppence one could get a good bagful, which could be a mixture of digestive, custard creams or even chocolate bon-bons.

When empty, the tins were returned to the factory to be refilled once more. Around Christmas time the factory would turn out biscuits in fancy tins. Though most homes bought the loose varieties from the shop and kept them a biscuit barrel, which was either made of wood or tin.

The day of fancy packages had not arrived in the 1930’s. Even today some supermarkets have a section where you can still serve yourself from bulk containers.

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