Monday, September 29, 2008

Are you listed here in 1935 at Holy Trinity School.

Where are they today I wonder? This list is of students who were registered into Holy Trinity School in the year 1935. They were of varying ages, as some of their families had just moved into the village, They did not all start their school days with Miss Collins. They could have been in Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Snapes or Mrs. Adams class. Mrs. Adams was the Head Teacher and took care of all the enrollments.

We start with the girls and the date of enrollment:

7th of January 1935.
Joyce Honour. Mary Magnolia Easton.
Phyllis Lavinia Northway. Beata Doreen Sayell.

28th of January 1935.
Francis Peggy M. Burbage.

29th of January 1935.
Barbara Hursey.

15th of March 1935.
Elsie Hales.

30th of April 1935.
Beryl Veronica Easton. Sheila Gladys Hannant.
Daphne Mary Spencer. Muriel Stone. Joan Marshall.
Jean Margaret Hursey.

12th of June 1935.
Olive Jean Barnes.

17th of June 1935.
Doreen Lewis.

8th of July 1935.
Gwendoline Mary Fletcher.

23rd of July 1935.
Margaret Joan Quelch.

9th of September 1935.
Hilda May Henwood. Joyce Pearl Austin.
Joan May Westcott. Gwenyth Emily Rogers.
Jean Patrica Lewendon. Eileen Hatton.
Marguerite Sayell

Of course the majority of these ladies now will have married and have families of their own with fast growing up Grandchildren, who may read this and recognize their Grandma’s name when she was a little girl.

Now Boys, it is your turn to get posted. At least one that I know has passed on from our midst. Others I know are fit and well and still active.

7th of January 1935.
Colin Reginald Hatch. Peter John Cracknell.
Reginald George Lewendon

14th of January 1935.
Ronald Honour. Robert George Edwards.

30th of January 1935.
Jame4s Geoffrey Packham. Roy Dennis Wilsdon.
Gerald Effamy. William Frederick Burnap.
James Trevour Honour. Peter Derek Fisher.
James Hatch.

15th of July 1935
Maurice Leary.

9th of September 1935
John Philip Penny. Brian Joseph Ernest Carter.


bellbottomsue said...

Ronald Honour is my father: his sister is Joyce & his brother is James. They lived at several addresses in Cookham, including Station Rd. Their father was the farmer & milkman who ran the farm on Cookham Moor in the 20s/30s (now demolished & a large building site when we visited today).Grandad's cows and may tree appear in Stanley Spencer's paintings & my dad remembers the Spencer family.

Fleur said...

I am Joan May Westcott one of the 1935 intake that you have mentioned.
My home was in 4 Pound Lane which is now known as Terrys Lane. When I returned to the village on a visit, I asked when the name of the road was changed and was told that it had always been known as Terrys Lane, but I am absolutely certain that it was Pound Lane. Hope somebody can confirm this.
What a lovely surprise to see this Blog and the memories it brought back of my friend Beryl Eastham (who's father was the local policeman).
I also lived on Winters Hill with Joyce Austin for a time.

Karen said...

Hello. I have been researching my family history and the Mrs Evans mentioned here was my grandmother. She taught at Holy Trinity for many years. I have a couple of photos that you could use if you would like to.

Karen said...

I would like to be in touch with any of the pupils mentioned to see if they remember my grandmother. Maybe I should start my own blog!

Historical Cookham said...

Hullo Karen:

What was your grandmothers maiden name? I may be able to help you.


James Hatch

Historical Cookham said...

My dear Joan:

I wonder if you can remember that we sang a duet in Hey Diddle Diddle at the school concert at the Pinder Hall just after it opened in 1936. You were the princess and I was the Dish that ran away with the Spoon!


James Hatch