Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Verbal Picture of Cookham in 1861. (Part Two)

Here are the list of traders and professionals who were residing in Cookham in 1861.
Aldridge Miss Elizabeth (Farmer)
Allen William (Surveyor of Roads)
Andrews Isaac (Seedsman)
Bailey James (Painter & Glazier)
Bailey William (Painter & Glazier)
Bartlett Mrs. Ann (Schoolmistress)
Blewett Henry (Grocer)
Briginshaw Thomas Richard (Baker)
Burrows & Son (Boot & Shoe Manufacturers. The Elms)
Carter Robert (Station Master)
Child John (Schoolmaster)
Cooper Edward (Grocer & Draper)
Cooper George (Maltster)
Cowdery Henry Thomas (Baker)
Dewe William M. (Excise Officer)
Doxey Thomas (Farmer, White Place)
Dockett Frederick (Beerseller, Tailor & Assistant Overseer)
Ford Joseph (Bel and the Dragon)
Francis George (Letter Carrier)
Game Miss Anne (Dressmaker)
Godden Mrs. H. (Dressmaker)
Godden Edward (Ferryman)
Godfrey George (Hayward of the Manor)
Harfield George (Police Constable)
Hatch James Thomas (Kings Arms & Fruiterer)
Lacy & Son (Bricklayers, Plasterers, & Slaters)
Lane Mrs. Susan (Blacksmith)
Lane Miss Susan (Infants Schoolmistress)
Lane William (Sexton)
Main Mrs. (Laundress)
Maskell Luke (Beer Retailer & Poulterer)
Mills John T. (Farmer & Church Warden, Tithe Farm)
Pearce Thomas (Blacksmith)
Peto William (Farmer, Cannon Court Farm)
Poulton Richard (Ferry House, Registrar, Collector of taxes, & Boat Proprietor)
Price Richard (White Hart)
Price Thomas (Railway Tavern & Coal Merchant)
Slack George (Grocer)
Spencer John (Tea Dealer)
Spencer Julius (Bricklayer)
Staniford James (Cookham Pound)
Taylor John (Grocer)
Venables Mrs. Mary (Paper Manufacturer)
West William (Wheelwright)
Whitmarsh Elizabeth & Catherine (Grocers)
Whitmarsh William (Blacksmith & Parish Clerk)
Wigg Mrs. Ann (Beer Retailer)
Wigg John & James (Carpenters)
Wilder John (Angler)
Wise Benjamin (Carrier)
Worster Mrs. Martha (Butcher)
Young Mrs. Anna Postmistress)
POST OFFICE: Letters arrive from Maidenhead at 7:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Letters dispatched at 12:45 p.m. and 7.45 p.m. and on Sunday only one dispatch at 5:50 p.m.
PAROCHIAL SCHOOL: John Child (Master) Mrs. Ann Bartlett (Mistress)
INFANTS SCHOOL: Miss Susan Lane (Mistress)
CARRIER TO LONDON: Benjamin Wise (Monday & Thursday)


MaryA said...

I was interested to see your blog. In the 1891 census, my great-grandfather, Horace Taylor, is listed as innkeeper of "The Harrow" and is living there with his family. I don't think this pub exists any more from what I can tell but I would be interested to know if you know anything about it. I didn't see The Harrow listed among the inns that you list.

Historical Cookham said...

The Harrow was in the original parish boundary prior to 1934. When Maidenhead took over where it was located in what is now Ellington Park.


James Hatch