Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Cookham Paper Mill

For a great many years, the residents of Cookham have wondered who were the Venables. Who lived, and had a small paper mill down in Mill Lane. I often wondered as a boy, sitting in church looking up at the large memorial plaque, bearing the Venables name and wondering who they were. Well thank you to, Mr. Joe Fisher, a decendant of this illustrious family, I am, at long last able to bring you all a copy of a painting, of Mary Davenport and George Venables. These portraits were painted just prior to their wedding in Holy Trinity Church in 1832. There are more stories to come and will be written up in due course.


Geronimo said...

Can anyone tell me the email or contact details of this Joe Fisher?

I would like to contact him to suggest he takes a YDNA self-test for the Venables project.


Julian Venables said...

I also would very much like to make contact with Joe Fisher, as he has some great Venables family history pictures!
I am Julian Venables, a direct descendant of William Venables, Lord Mayor of London in 1826 and the Venables family line stretching back the last 1000 years via the Barons of Kinderton in Cheshire to the Venables village in Normandy.
I am also very interested in the Venables project... I would happily submit a YDNA test, please tell me more!
email me: julestheastrologer(AT)
Thank you.