Monday, September 15, 2008

Holy Trinity School Class of 1922.

This class photo I have cleaned up as best as I could, so that the facial features can be seen. There are 25 students in this photograph, some of which could be your parents or grandparents. This class would have held both seven and eight year olds. Looking back over a copy of the school register I have taken 28 names that would have been in that class at that time:
Lena Wakeford, Ivy Cook, Nora Dodd, Enid Franks, Betty Lane, Daphne Chitty, Cora Tuck, Rona West, Juanita Swaby, Phyllis Fairlie, Marjorie Fyfield, Dora Gibbs, Lucy Mary Robinson.
Douglas Kent, Dennis Gale, William Frank Barker, Albert Ayres, Alan Ronald Emmett, Joseph O'Neile, Ross Rockell, George Rixon, Rowland Emmett, Cecil Chadwick, Charles Rockell, Charles Lowe, John Joseph Lowe, Cuthbert Giles, Edward Gore.
NOTE: If any of these names happen to be relations of yours, I would be happy to hear from you, together with their life story and any photos that you may have.
James Hatch


Rachel said...

Message for James Hatch

I was most interested in the photo & write up on the class of 1922 at Holy Trinity as my late mother - Lucy Mary Robinson was one of the pupils.

Sadly the photo is difficult to work out who is who & I was wondering if possible to view the actual photo or to send a copy , along with a copy the register.


arfairlie said...

I am related to Phyliss Fairlie and would welcome anyone who wishes to contact me regarding her as I have written a history of the Fairlie family who lived in Cookham for 4 generations or so. I have some info concerning PhYliss. I can be e mailed at: or telephoned on; 01932 343618 (Woodham Surrey). Alan Fairlie 16.1.2011

Barker1966 said...

My grandad is William Frank Barker and I would love to hear more about him or my family.