Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Maidenhead Boundary Markers of 1934

In the late summer of 1934 the borough of Maidenhead decided to mark its boundaries with a series of molded marker plinths. One of these plinths was discovered while dredging the Widbrook stream a while back. From information that has been gathered, it was one that was located just to the left of a style between the common and a Sheephouse Farm field. (Shown on the map as BM-1).

I remember my mother taking me to the ceremony of the installation of the plinth at the east side of Lower Cookham Road / Sutton Road. (BM-2) A great many people were in attendance, which I expect were Maidenhead Town councilors and others.

Marker BM-3 sits alongside a farm track that leads into what used to be Upper Southey Field. Marker BM-4 is located on the east bank of Widbrook Stream where it enters Islet Park. Marker BM-5 is located along side the towpath of the river.

The photograph below is of the marker that was recovered from the Widbrook Stream. All the plinths were identical, as they had been cast. The indented lettering and date were originally painted black.

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