Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cookham Survey of 1839. Who was here then.

In 1839 a survey was taken of business and professions. The following list covers those living and having a business or profession in or connected with the village at that time:

BARNETT J. Baker Cookham
BARTLETT Ann Parochial School Mistress Cookham
BEESLEY J. Beer Retailer Cookham
BURROWS C. Plumber &c Cookham
CLIFT P. Grocer/Boot & Shoemaker Cookham
COPAS W. Chequers Cookham
FORD J. Bell & Dragon Cookham
FORD J. Carrier Cookham
FROST T. Grocer/Cheesemonger Cookham
FROST T. Grocer/Cheesemonger Cookham Dean
GIBBONS W. Fruiterer Cookham
GODFREY Martha Beer Retailer Cookham
GRANTHAM I.T.Rev. Rector Cookham
GREENLAND J. Boot & Shoemaker Cookham
HARDING J. Carpenter/Joiner Cookham
HATCH B. Fruiterer Cookham
HATCH E. Hare & Hounds Cookham
HATCH J. Kings Arms Inn Cookham
HORNETT W.R. Tailor Cookham
LACEY J. Beer Retailer Cookham
LACEY W. Baker Cookham
LANE J. Blacksmith Cookham
LOUCH J. Grocer/Draper Cookham
LUNNON J. Beer Retailer Cookham
NOTTS John Receiving House Cookham
PEARCE J. Blacksmith Cookham
POULTON R. Boot & Shoemaker / Reg.B.D.Cookham
POULTON T. Coal Merchant Cookham
RILEY C. Carpenter Cookham
SMITH E. Boot & Shoemaker Cookham
SMITH J. Butcher Cookham
SPARKS T. Nurseryman / Handle Maker Cookham
TOWERS Mary White Hart Cookham
VENABLES G. Paper Maker Cookham Mills, Wooburn
VENABLES George Paper Maker Taplow Mills, Taplow
VENABLES George Paper Maker Cookham Mills, Cookham
WARE H. Boot & Shoemaker/Coal Cookham
WEST W. Wheelwright Cookham
WHITMARSH J. Smith / Farrier Cookham
WYATT J. Fruiterer &c Cookham
My Great Grandfathers name appears in RED as there are other Hatch names listed.
George Venables besides owning the paper mill in Mill Lane, he also owned mills at
Taplow and Wooburn, but his home was in Cookham.
You will also note that there was quite a cottage industry of making Boots & Shoes.

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Michael O'Neill said...

Hi, Interested in your Hatch relatives; my daughter is a descendant of the Hatch family of Cookham as well.